The Greater South Bay STEM Foundation in an effort to extend it program to other parts of the world has partnered with the Ngorli Charity Foundation which is based in Ghana to help promote and provide STEAM education to underserved children in the Anumle Electoral Area in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana

This partnership program trains both teachers and students within the Anumle Electoral Area and other teachers from out the Anumle Electoral Area jurisdiction to enhance the program in other parts of Ghana. The partnership also houses a special project called “SHE DEY CODE” which is a coding program for only girls.

Students are fleeing from STEM education in Ghana. It is well-known that Africa’s long-term economic prospects are constrained by severe shortages of STEM jobs and careers. If Ghana does not start building capacity in STEM, any progress towards achieving sustainable and comprehensive growth will be severely impacted hence this partnership and our work in Ghana