We have a great educational system In the United States.

However it’s built on 17th century ideas and customs.
Unfortunately the world is no longer in the 17th century. Our children will face many challenges that were unheard of just 20 or 25 years ago. When I was a young woman I didn’t have to worry about automation, outsourcing, or disruptive forces coming to my industry. These are all challenges our children will face in the near future. A leading study says that over 60% of the careers our children will have in the future haven’t even been created yet. This is great news! However, we have to learn what is the best way to prepare our children for the world that they will face. I believe one way for our children can be prepared for the future is early immersion in creative thinking and learning.

The world is ever-changing and our children will need the ability to change and be flexible in order to survive. This is the Cornerstone of what we believe at Techakids. We are challenging our children to create. Inspiring them with technology so they can go forward in middle school, high school and college with an understanding of what it takes to work as a team. Coaching them to keep trying until you get it right. Encouraging them to not give up when they face adversity. We want our children to be exposed to the same technologies, the same skill set, the same processes that are used at MIT, Stanford and Cal Berkeley. We will expose our children to innovative and emerging technologies to give them the tools that they need to learn.

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